Here at Revive Massage it is our mission to give

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you life and healing through all we do.


1. a) to restore, or return to life, strength, vigor, or activity, freshness or a flourishing condition. b) to live anew; to become reinvigorated. 2. To bring back to use or performance.


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Revive Massage is passionate about bringing life and healing through all we do. Massages are custom tailored to each client making sure you leave feeling revived and refreshed! Not only do we offer massage services,...
Call/Text: 218-671-5430 Email: Revive Massage & Country Spa 20047 Co Hwy 114 Fergus Falls, MN 56537 Directions to Revive Massage & Country Spa: Revive Massage is located only 3 miles from the edge of...
Revive Massage started in the home of Danielle in December 2007. In 2015 the Elliott family moved to their current location just 3 miles from Fergus Falls. It was then that Danielle began practicing in...