Revive Massage is passionate about bringing life and healing through all we do. Massages are custom tailored to each client making sure you leave feeling revived and refreshed! Not only do we offer massage services, but we are the only place in the Fergus Falls area that offers an onsite place to stay, couples massage, unique spa services, & Medicupping services as well. We also like to pamper our clients by using aroma therapy and (at times) steamy towels. Usually massage therapists will charge extra for not only these services, but customized massages as well! You are more than just a customer to us. You are valued, treasured, and held in high esteem. It is our desire that this is reflected through our touch of life to you today!

Custom Massages 

  • Upper Body
  • 30 Minutes – $40 ($42.95 after tax)
  • 40 Minutes – $50 ($53.69 after tax)
  • Full Body
  • 60 Minute – $75 ($80.53 after tax)
  • 85 Minute – $106 ($113.82 after tax)
  • 15 Minute Chair Massage $20 ($21.48 after tax)
  • Corporate Chair Massage $75/hr + $10 onsite fee (+mileage if outside of Fergus Falls)

Prenatal, Medical, Sports, Relaxation, Swedish and Therapeutic Massage is all same pricing as listed above.

  • Couples Services
  • 60 Minute Couples Massage $160 ($171.80 after tax)
  • 85 Minute Couples Massage $222 ($238.37 after tax)
  • Couples Body Mud Wraps $170 (no tax)
  • Couples Princess Package $260 (no tax)
  • *See our “Spa Party for Two” package options below as well!*


Fun Fact: If you bring us a note from your doctor or chiropractor saying your massage is medically necessary (ie for pain/muscle soreness) you won’t need to pay MN sales tax on your massages! Unfortunately, without this note, massage services are the only services that MN requires sales tax on.

Spa Services

Full Body Mud Wrap – $80 

Treat yourself to an experience you will not forget. Nourish and cleanse your body with a detoxifying, moisturizing, and revitalizing body wrap. You will be able to pick from 1 of 3 muds, all of which achieve a different purpose. During this service, you will first have your skin exfoliated. After that warm mud will be applied to your body. You will then be wrapped up tightly in several layers. You will be in the wrap for 20-25 minutes. While you are wrapped warmly up, you will also be pampered with a scalp and facial massage as you close your eyes and relax. Some clients even love having their hair brushed during this time as well. Afterwards, you will rinse off and come back for to have the lotion/oil massaged into your skin. A session typically lasts an hour. Many like to add an extended 30 minute massage to this time! Allow 60 minutes for this session.

Salt Glow – $40

A salt glow is an exfoliating treatment that is stimulating to the skin and leaves it feeling glowing. Sea salt rich in trace minerals is mixed with warm massage oil to exfoliate the top layers of dead skin from the whole body. After salt is rinsed off enjoy massage lotion lathered into your skin. This leaves your skin glowing, hydrated and feeling amazing! Allow 30 minutes for this session.

Ionizing Detox Foot Bath – $30

This is a detox water foot bath that is a natural healing tool. The benefits of using this system on a regular basis help to prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body as well as balancing your pH levels, thus substantially reducing the opportunity for illness and disease. This system uses an electrical array that creates negative ions that attach to the free radicals in your body through osmosis. Many times the tones of the water after the detox can indicate the different areas from where the detoxification is taking place in the body. (Although, emphasis should not be placed on the color of the water, but rather on how one feels after the treatment.) The feet are submerged for 30 minutes during this detox. Session ends with a foot massage. Click here for more information on the Ionic Detox Foot Bath.

Essential Oil Foot Bath – $30

Feet are submerged in a water bath filled with Epsom salts, AlkaLime (helps balance pH levels) and many different essential oils. Choose from a moisturizing, rejuvenating, or relaxing/soothing recipe of oils to be added to your foot soak. Feet are submerged in a hot bubbling water for 30 minutes. Session ends with a foot massage.

Hot Stone Upgrade to your massage – $15

The use of hot stones will not only take your relaxation to the next level, but will also aid in relaxing your muscles. This can at times allow for a deeper massage work. During a Hot Stone Massage, the therapist will perform some of the massage with the stones in their hands as well as place them on various places on the body.

Paraffin Wax on Hands or Feet $10, Both – $15

This treatment is not only relaxing, but is used to make the skin smooth and give it a more radiant look. This treatment also improves blood circulation as well.  This service can be added to just about any service or as a stand alone service. Session ends with massage to hands/feet.

Medicupping Services

MediCupping is a form of massage therapy that uses cups to create a vacuum affect that lifts and hydrates the muscle. One of the most amazing aspects of this technique is the “separation” that the vacuum produces in tissue layers. This enables water absorption and renewed blood flow to undernourished and dehydrated tissue as well as the elimination of old waste and congestion. This is a massage service add on. Click here for more information on Medicupping.

Face Lifting & Drainage- $11

Adds 10 minutes to end of massage

Body Cupping- $11

Cupping done in conjunction with your massage. Adds no time to your service

 Face & Back Body Cupping Combo- $16

Includes Facial Lifting & Drainage service as well as cupping on your back.


Princess Package- $125

Receive a Body Mud Wrap of your choice, an extra 30 minutes of massage, and a hand paraffin wax treatment. ($125.80 value)

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Package- $162

Fully detox your body by purchasing a package of 6 Ionic Detox Foot Baths, and receive 10% off! ($180 value)

Spa Party Packages

Revive Massage Party Packages Chart