Revive Massage started in the home of Danielle in December 2007. In 2014 the Elliott family moved to their current location just 3 miles from Fergus Falls.

It was then that Danielle began practicing in the adorable cottage that was onsite as well as began adding spa services. Although Danielle has never paid for a dime of advertising, her business exploded during this time. In 2017 Chris and Danielle began exploring more uses for their cottage by allowing people to stay on the weekends through Airbnb. Click here for the listing. After seeing the success of both of these businesses, the Elliotts decided in 2018 that it was time to expand. In 2019 a new building was erected onsite and the massage business was relocated. The cottage became a full time Airbnb hosting location at that time. Danielle also hired more help that year in effort to serve more people. It is the Elliotts desire to provide a place of respite & relaxation where people can stay & refresh onsite. Who doesn’t want to plan an overnight at a beautiful location, and get a massage at the same time?

Danielle and her husband, Chris have 4 kids and love being able to raise them in Fergus Falls.

They are actively involved with their church and enjoy getting to know other people. Danielle enjoys hosting backyard movies, coffee, chocolate, babies, sunsets, paddle boarding, authenticity, and anything that involves laughter!
Danielle received her training through an apprenticeship one on one, as well as through M-State Wadena’s Massage Therapy program. Even after 12+ years of experience, Danielle still absolutely LOVES what she does. She says, “I’m like the ice cream man. Everyone is happy to see me and happy when they leave.” It doesn’t get any better than that!
Below is a poem written by Danielle:

My Massage Heart & Humor
Welcome to my room- made especially for healing
I pray that you leave- with more than good feelings

You may be nervous or a little bit scared
But I promise your modesty- will not be impaired.

Commando or underwear- it matters not to me
So long as you’re draped- and promise not to pee.

Hairy legs and stinky feet- I’ve pretty much seen it all
I promise nothing’s too scary- from what I do recall.

Thank you for placing- in me your deep trust
Because for massage- this is truly a must.

You have built up tension- from hard work and play
Now lie down and relax- as your stress melts away.

In laughter or tears- Alert or asleep
Please know your privacy- I certainly will keep.

May my touch go deeper- than sore muscles today
As healing and life- are imparted to you I pray.

You are valued and loved- more than you’ll ever know
And I hope that through my touch- this will always show

May you leave here today- refreshed and alive
For my purpose is fulfilled as you are REVIVED!
Danielle Elliott
January 12, 2017 ~ Ephesians 1:17